Rainbow crosswalk

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The world’s first permanent rainbow crosswalk

The rainbow crosswalk in Utrecht was built in June 2013, on the initiative of GroenLinks council member Pepijn Zwanenberg. It is located on the Lange Viestraat at the Miffy traffic light and was festively opened that month during the MidZomerGracht festival.
It was the world’s first permanent rainbow crosswalk. The very first path was installed in California in 2012, temporarily, on the occasion of Pride Month there. There are now more than 40 rainbow crosswalks in all shapes and sizes in the Netherlands and it is also expanding to Belgium and other countries. Utrecht has also had the longest rainbow cycle path in the world since 2020, at the Utrecht Science Park.
A rainbow crosswalk is a cheerful but also powerful symbol for the equality and freedom of LGBTQIA+ people. With its multi-colours it celebrates diversity.
In 2018, the rainbow crosswalk was included in the collection of the Utrecht Museum (Centraal Museum).
Pepijn Zwanenberg