About us

The Utrecht rainbow canon is an overview of the history of queer life in the city of Utrecht from the 18th century.

QUS team

Queer-U-Stories stands for Queer Utrecht Stories, stories about LGBTIQ+-life in the city of Utrecht. The team of QUS (pronounced as ‘kus’, kiss in Dutch) are motivated volunteers. They collect, analyse and present this history and keep it up to date. They provide reliable information as independent experts. Many help them in this, for example, as authors of the canon windows. QUS inspired others to get to work with Utrecht’s queer history, such as theatre Oester who made a theatre performance about it, two Utrecht choirs who devoted a music evening to it and the municipality of Utrecht who chose it as the theme of their boat on the Utrecht Pride.


The Utrecht rainbow canon on this website was the start of the project in 2021 and is growing steadily. If you scroll past the rainbow in the colors of the Pride flag, you will find windows about events in Utrecht’s queer history in the canon. On the page ‘Utrechtenaren‘ you will see windows about people who did not adhere to conventional sex and gender roles and thus became an example for others. On the ‘Stories‘ page you see more stories about the colourful Utrecht queer history.

Lectures, walks and more

The QUS team works with partners on different ways to bring attention to the often forgotten queer history, for example with lectures and city walks. In 2023, they will be working on a queer city map and an English version of the canon, among other things. They are investigating whether it is possible to organize an exhibition and compile a book in 2024. New projects will follow. You can stay informed via our social media (Facebook, Instagram and X/Twitter), via the news page or register for our email service.

QUS core team

The QUS core team now consists of (click on name for CV with photo):